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La Nostra Storia

Defying conventions, dismissing seasons and transcending trends, Pisani et al. was born to share the essence of Italian artisanship, the allure of wanderlust, and the enchantment of constant reinvention — everything we are passionate about.

Pisani et al. is a lifelong journey filled with moments of joy and discovery. Within this voyage, we have crafted treasures, destined to be shared with love. So please join us and together, we'll make memories and embrace the magic of Italy!

- Daniela Pisani

La Nostra Visione

At Pisani et al., we create each piece with a vision of simple elegance and everyday practicality with a genuine sense of love and dedication.

Refined materials are the heartbeat of our brand and attention to detail is a testament to our commitment to quality, entrusting the realization of our designs to the skilled artisans of Italy. Our dream is to create not just interesting pieces but items to collect.

In our journey we hold true to our environmental values. We exclusively use certified materials with a mindful approach to sustainability, avoiding overproduction. We collaborate with renowned Italian companies, ensuring our products are not only beautifully crafted but also eco-conscious, for a future we can all cherish.

Et al.


In the best of all possible worlds, our friends bring out the beauty in us. We’re honored to have support and encouragement from a small army of talented people we admire, without whom Pisani et al. would never have been born:

Alessandro Besana, Alessandro Floriani, Alessandro Petrini, Alessio Albini, Andrea Catallo, Andrea Colombo, Andrea Roncari, Andrea Scotti, Angelo Calvano, Antonella Ghiroldi, Antonio Ulivieri, Carlo Ardito, Claudio Baratti, Davide Albertario, Dario Poggiagliolmi, Davide Ciampi, Davide Paleari, Egidio Salvini, Elena Floriani, Federico Graziani, Franca Gestri, Francesco Lotti, Franco Corradi, Gabriella Gestri, Giada Baragli, Giordano Todeschini, Graziano Larocca, Ingrid Menici, Laura Castano, Laura Floriani, Luigi Corbella, Maria Lavezzo, Mariano Scollo, Matteo Biagini, Matteo Merlini, Matteo Petrini, Martina Piccardi, Maura Pagni, Maurizio Ferri, Maurizio Manfredi, Mauro Baratti, Maximillian Canepa, Nicola Benetello, Paolo Incardona, Piero Poli, Renzo Lupi, Renzo Morabito, Roberto Lupi, Roberto Petri, Romina Biasolo, Samuele Scroppo, Serena Brambilla, Sokol Gjepali, Stefano Palchetti.

Also, grazie mille:

Carla Sozzani, Christina Conocenti, Elia Pettinari, Eric Conocenti, Iari Sani, Luca Pettinari, Piergiuseppe Moroni, Vanessa Barbieri.